Sunday, March 23, 2008

Aren't All Eggs Hard Boiled?

Happy Easter Everyone!
I wanted to share an amusing story from days gone by....
One morning, my footie pajama wearing son,
then just 3 years old, (he's now 19!)
got out of bed earlier than usual.....
(I was still just waking up).
As I lay in bed,
I hear Sam say from the kitchen...."Oh, no.....",
then I hear, "Ut Oh..."

It was then that I walk into the kitchen
and discover my little Sam
helping himself to what he thinks are hard boiled eggs.

He had cracked two eggs by this time
and was on to his third when I snapped these photos. It's one of those memories that makes you smile.
My kids love hearing about the silly
and innocent things they did when they were little.
These realistic eggs (just $1.95 each)
that we sell in the shop were recently purchased
by a woman as a joke for her son....
She was going to mix them in with her eggs in
her fridge. That is how real they look!
We think they look cute in our little egg baskets.
We hope your Easter baskets were over flowing,

and if not, we are offering
15% off everything*
that you can fit
in one of our shopping baskets
from Monday, March 24th thru Thursday, March 27th!!!!
*very few exclusions


Anonymous said...

I need details: What will the exclusions be? Can I fill more than one basket on the same visit? And finally, If I can wedge a tall picture into the basket and able to carry it to the counter,will it be 15% off? Hhaha! Regardless, I will be there at opening. Love your store!!!

Liz said...

The exclusions are.....antique items, and your items must not go past the handles on your basket. Nice try on the picture! LOL See you at 10 am!