Saturday, March 29, 2008

Wall Of Honor

This is just a smattering of what you would see
upon entering our 199 year old country store...
We call it our Wall of Honor.
It's a collection of various items sold through the years,
collected by past shop owners (there's only been about
17 different owners in 199 years!), and
placed on display behind the 20 foot long counter.
Many folks often comment on the
Cut-Rite Wax paper box, still filled
with wax paper and priced at just 29 cents....
Or the Red/Blue Combination pencils....
"Do you remember using those in school?", is often
overheard when referring to these gems.
Sorry, but the antiques on display on
the Wall of Honor are not for sale.
They are just for taking you down Memory Lane......
Enjoy the journey....


~The Country Junction said...

I LOVE that Liz!! what a neat wall full of lots and lots of goodies - when I go antiquing those are the kinds of things I like to look for!

Homespun Cottage said...

Liz, this is wonderful!! I am anxious to see what you add to your wall of honor! what a great reminder of our past...thanks for sharing

~The Country Junction said...

I have awarded you with a friendship blog award Liz! (see my blog)