Monday, March 3, 2008

Brown & Hopkins Winners Circle!

And the winners are...

Kim Morse from Glendale won the Berry Heart Wreath!

Jayne Dresser (shown above) won the mural painting,

but opted for a large painting instead as she really

didn't have a wall available in her home,

and she said that if she ever moved,

she would want to take her winnings with her!

We can't say we blame her!

Linda Rotella was the runner-up winner

and won the painting that Gladys Desmond completed

during her demo here on February 16th.

We also had a key tag drawing on February 14th,

and the winner of a $50 gift certificate was

Maria B. from Glocester, RI

Congratulations to all!!!!!

The next key tag drawing is on Mother's Day for a $50 gift certificate.

1 comment:

Jacinda said...

Lucky winners!
I've missed your entries. Glad you're back.