Monday, March 10, 2008

Split Peas Are Not Just For Soup Anymore

At Brown & Hopkins,
We like to look at things beyond their intended use.....
Add a little country bling to your Spring
by using split peas for bowl fillers....
Place them in the bottom of one of our bubble glass vases
top with a metal candle pan, and a spring candle...
You could even scatter them around your tablescape of herbs
and potted plants for a nice impact.
Sure, you could use traditional tie backs to
hold back your curtains....
But how about using a vine such as this?
Just wrap it into a circle and, wa la, you now have
created an interesting way to hold back your curtains!

This versatile vine also works well gathered around
the base of a lamp, or wrapped on the handle of a basket.

This little blackbird is fitted with a clip and wire on the back
and is intended to be used to attach to a wreath...
We bent the clip and inserted it in between the sash
on a double hung window and it's new home
has it perched and looking out yonder....

Combine items in displays that play off one another...
We hope you enjoy our displays as much as
we love creating them for you.....

And as always,
Thank You for Shopping at Brown & Hopkins!

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