Thursday, March 27, 2008

Crazy For Quilts!

I love quilts!
Plain and Simple!
I love the patterns, the fabrics, the colors....

The way they are pieced together by hand.
I love old quilts, new quilts, and tattered quilts.
I love the way ladies used to get together and help each other complete a quilt.
My mom belonged to a quilting group and she loved it.
They would share fabrics, expertise, stories, and laughter...
all while sewing a new creation.
There are many ways to display quilts,
other than using them for your bedding.

Folded atop an old wooden trunk.

Draped over a rustic ladder.

This quilt has a casing sewn into it,
so that it may hang from one of our expandable iron curtain rods.
If you are handy with a needle and thread, it is easy to do!
If not, I am sure you can find someone who is!

This is my favorite new quilt in the shop!
It's color is magnificent! I would love to do a room in my home,
based upon the colors in this quilt.
It is available in Twin, Queen and King Size.
We carry about 3 dozen different quilts in the shop
and if we do not have the size you need in stock,
we will order it for you! Matching pillow shams,
toss pillows, dust ruffles, and more are also available.
Quilts, especially vintage ones,
should be kept out of direct sunlight.
If you display them folded, it is good to gently
shake them out once in awhile and re-fold in
a different fashion when replacing them.
Never wash an antique quilt until you consult with a textile expert.
Hey, I could think of worse things!

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Robin said...

I LOVE all quilts also !! I am just starting to experiment making my own... I love the one you show in the last picture... The colors are wonderful !! Your shop must be DREAMY !!!!