Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Birth Announcement!

Whoa Nellie.....first of all,
no one who works at Brown & Hopkins had a baby....

But a new section of the shop was born....
It's chock full of UNIQUE baby gifts and new mom gifts!

Handmade in the USA clothing!
First Birthday party hats!Lighting for the nursery!
Hair Bows That stay in the finest of peach fuzz.....
One of the props we are using is the very same antique wicker cradle
that both of my sons (now 20 and 16) used as babies......
On Saturday, a customer and her
expecting~any~day (if not moment) daughter
were visiting and just loved a little lamb jacket
that we were showing. However,
they didn't know if she would be delivering
the baby in time for Easter, so they didn't purchase it.
But first thing on Sunday morning,
Grandma came back and
said..."She had the baby, a little girl, this morning!
Sold!!! These are the stories I love.....

Shown above are cute little socks, called Mary Janes.
They are available in pastels and brights!
This would make a fine little gift for a baby shower!
Oh and the baby in the picture frame(above and below)
is my dear great niece, Clare Catherine.
I have dubbed her mom, Jacinda,
the WCMS (West Coast Martha Stewart),
and if you
visit her blog, you'll see why.

This triple 8 x 10 frame is shown in black,
but available in several colors by special order.
Loving signs for the nursery make a wonderful gift.

Please check out the baby boutique soon!

Visiting Hours are Everyday 10 am to 5pm and Thursday 10am to 7pm.....


Jacinda said...

What a cute baby!!! : )
Since I'm too lazy to frame photos, I should buy the pre-framed from you!

Liz said...

Oh, I find that hard to believe.....you'll probably make your own frames! LOL Clare was the inspiration for our new section....did you see the dress made with the old fashioned paper doll fabric?!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Clare will be modeling some of those beautiful clothes when she and Jacinda visit next month. And her grammie will be much too in awe of her to resist buying her anything that fits!

Liz said...

That sounds like a great plan!